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Hi everybody,

I would like to know if I can put the Pertronix distributor (# d132701 female terminals cap) on my car ?

For the ignitor kit we have to choose between a dual or a single point and with or without vacuum.

But for the complete distributor there is no choice (only with or without vacuum).

Did someone put it on his Pantera ?

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If it won't work, you might consider just converting your point distributor to a pointless conversion kit...Pertronix makes them and it just fits into your existing stock distributor.

Crane makes a pointless conversion kit that has a rev limiter built in, I was it on either Jeggs or Summits website. I also read on a Camaro forum some Chevy guru using these kits and changing out the coils to high output coils...for about $100, that way the existing housing is OEM and the advance curves stay the just get rid of the points. MSD, Accel, Petronix and the other major manufactures make these.

I posted a question to the other Pantera forum and four people said they had used this type of conversion and they work great and no failure for 8-10 years so far.
Thanks Tom,

I ask this question because my stock distributor is equiped with an old (out of order) electronic ignition kit. There's no more breaker plate in.

I ask pertronix and for the ignitor (I or II) I need the point plate. So...

I would like to keep my car with a stock dual point motorcraft. But prices (on ebay) are prohibitive.

Thanks again Tom.
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