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Thankyou for the response. I may or may not have a concern regarding the drivers door fitment. Side stripe is off a little at the rear of the door, sagging?, & the door is apparently[?] leaning if you view the front of the drivers door vertical seem from standing to the side. I suspect a weak upper hinge, not body repair but could be wrong. Also would like a chassis inspection & road test.
Hi Sharkey , I am a friend of the seller too ,this guy is a very friendly and honest person .
Today I was visit him and take a look on the door caps, and make some photo's .
It looks like the door must be a little adjusted to get the cap straight.
Have not noticed any damage on the door.
Floors are extremely original, the front spoiler and rocker panels are painted black, I suposed hiding some stone chips .
There are original Koni's mounted but are very stiff, into my opinium they must adjust for a softer ride.
please send me your direct Email address than I can send you the pictures, have problems to add them on this site.


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