I have a 1971 Pantera in my driveway that has got to go. Did a favor for a friend that forgot his car here. It has 11,000 miles showing on the od. the seats are good, no tears, headliner drupping. Dash is good with no cracks. Has original wheels, original radio delete plate, door panels are good also has collapsable spare in trunk and the air bottle that came with it. It also has the fiberglass rear trunk cover and the engine seems to be original 351. Body does have rust but the floor boards seem to be ok. I did put a battery into her and everything lit up. But the headlights would not pop up. Call me at 866-809-7500. Best offer can have it. Oh, also have the original Lincoln Mercury key. Also has dual suck fans in the nose and dual fans in the rear.jformnek@bellatlantic.net
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car is located 30 minutes north of Baltimore in BelAir,MD. James
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Where is this car located?I would be VERY interested in looking at it.
Please let me know when I could view it .I an very close to Baltimore.
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