I am about to pull the radiator for a small leak repair on #4134.

What is the general consensus on the use of rubber vs. urethane on the radiator mounts ?

It seems that the venders are pushing urethane (which I am currently using). I would think the urethane being more rigid would not be as optimal as rubber and give a little more flex.
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Over the years I have used both.

The Rubber mounts are more durable and are recommended from my point of view.

My latest experience is as follows: When I re-installed my Hall Phoenix Rad I had one bad rubber mount so I replaced that mount with a urethane one. I re-used the good rubbber mount. When I pulled the rad, I noticed that the Urethane mounts were not re-usable but the rubber one was still OK. The upper mounts (which were also urethane) needed to be replaced.

IMHO, go with the rubber !


rubber vs. urethane on the radiator mounts ?

Rubber, with no doubt.

The rubber mounts are the only thing that help keep the body flex (these are Panteras, remember?) from being transmitted into the structure of the radiator. I just don't think any urethane, unless VERY soft, will do as well a job in this matter.

I JUST ordered new bottom and side rubber mounts from Wilkinson:

About $25 for the parts

About $12 for shipping.

Yea, maybe too much for 6 pieces of rubber. But in the overall scheme of things, what's $37 on a $45,000 car?

I am also running the Hall radiator. It is 10 + years old and was using rubber mounts.
After about 8 years it developed a tiny leak. Marino (PEast) recommended, no insisted that the poly was a better product for this application.
After 2 ½ years I now have another small leak. Were the stiff poly bushings a factor? Maybe? Maybe not? But I have ordered a set of rubber bushings from Wilkinson.
Thanks for the feedback.
I agree with Larry, my first thought is use the one that isolates or cushions the radiator more from road bumps and chassis flex, I would guess that would be rubber. Also on the top tabs leave the bolts loose enough so that it doesn't snug up the radiator too much taking out any opportunity for the rubber to flex.
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