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I'm looking for a part number for Marine Struts. I was wonder if anyone had it.

I meet a Pantera owner at the Gunnison Colorado Car Show a couple of years agowho had then on his car; unfortunately, I didn't think to look at the part number. He said they were Marine or Marin struts. My 72 rear deck is stock so its should weighs about 80lbs, I do have a Kirk Evans spoiler for it, but haven't installed it yet and don't know if I will.

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Those are all ball end struts, you would have to install new ball end brackets. If you want to stay close to original McMaster part# 9416K17 in 80lbs force.

That said I recommend the strut relocation kit from IPSCO, the oem location has all the force acting too close to the fulcrum and is prone to stressing the decklid upper corners.

I just recently replaced my struts with the McMaster Carr struts. The part numbers were in a recent POCA news letter. I did have to machine spacer bushings to fit the rod ends and fill the gap between the mounting tabs. They are the 80# units and will not lift the deck lid without a little assistance but will hold it in any position. Pictures below  







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