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I was wondering if anyone has replaced the rear tail light panel on their car?

Who's did you use?
How was the fit?
Anything to look out for?
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Be careful when you source a replacement rear panel. There were two different panels with either U.S. or Euro license plate sizes in mind. I know of one car that apparently was 'fixed' with the plate recess offset to one side by 3".
I faced this same issue restoring 2511. I spoke with Steve Wilkinson and he can provide a rear panel. However, he cautioned that he usually suggests having the car on hand for proper fitment. I believe he has the panels made over size and I think any competent body shop should be able to successfully install even if some metal work is needed.

In my case we decided to just remove the entire rear panel to fix previous damage that needed full panel access for hammer and dolly repair.



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