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well my newly delivered 71 has this famous issues.

my question is why? is it a matter of torque that shears the heads off the bolts?
i guess that means the car may have some power!( have not driven my Pantera yet, or anyone elses for that matter)!

the purpose of this thread is to see if there are any tricks or better fixes for this.

do any of the vendors sell stronger bolts, or better mounts?

should i also replace the left side bolts due to age and stress?

thanks for any help!


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Nice PB!

Don't fret about the engine mounts. They really aren't prone to failure.

Panterror's vision of the cause is likely highly accurate.

Support the engine and pull out then entire assembly. Put the mount on the bench and clean everything out.

Just be sure to use grade 8 or stronger bolts when you put it back together.

It won't ever happen again.

The caution on the early cars is the rear mount on the transaxle. They are prone to failing.
I used to have this problem. I did two things to solve it.

First, I quit doing burnouts. Well not as many anyway.

Second, I took off the motor mounts and milled the surface that mates to the block. It seems that they had gotten a little rounded on top and were rocking putting stress on the bolts. Once I did this, I have not breaken a bolt since.
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