Price change $41,000 Up for auction, 72 Pantera with a lot of goodies! Believed to be a rebuild by Hall Pantera in 1999? for seventy five thousand. This car was sold at an auction in 2005 and has been in a private collection for the last 7 years. The most recent owner that I purchased the car from had the engine freshened up. I cannot imagine why, the car does not show much ware and tear at all. The tires still look fairly new with a good amount of rubber on them. The body and paint is in exceptionally great condition, no rock chips, dents, rust or cracking on the fiberglass work. The 351- C, I was told has 10:1 hyper numatic pistons, Carrillo rods and stroker crank. Perfofmance camshaft with roller rockers, double roller timming assembly, high volume oil pump, HD valve springs/ HD push rods, stainless steel valves, three angle performance valve job, some trick machine work, fluid dampener, ARP engine bolt kit, ballance job and a lot of other trick stuff. Here is the list of what has been replaced on the car that I can see.

Diafram performance clutch and flywheel assembly

High torque starter

Heavy duty drive axels

stainless steel headers and big boar mufflers

Refinished engine bay

Frame re enforcement kit front and back

Willwood hubs, Rotors, calipers and new brake lines

Up dated power brake booster

Up dated Clutch master cylender

335-35 ZR 17 and 235-40 ZR 17 Dunlop SP sport tires/ 5 star mag wheels

All replaces upper/ lower ball joints, tie rod ends, polyurithane control arm bushings.

Up dated rear bering carrier assemblys with tapered berings for a side load

Cooling up grade: Hall radiator, fans, stainless steel tubes, hood vent kit, purge and burp tank

Koni springs and shocks

Front spoiler/ Delta wing/ GTS fender flairs

Hydrolic e brake kit

Aftermarket steering wheel

aircraft seat belts

Replaced windshild front and back/ door and windo seals

Front and rear trunk lid kit release and latch

Floor and engine bulk head insulation

Complete Tan interior re upholstry

Lower control arm chrome/ De Tomaso badge

Holley 750 double pumper carb/ electronic ignition.

De Tomaso up grade guage package

Things the car needs that I am aware of. The turnsignals work but does not cancel after left turn. Passengers windo does not go up or down. There is no tunes in the car so you will need to pick out something for your self. Over all the car is clean but I think it needs a good detail job

I am sure there are some things I have missed but please call and ask as manny questions as you like. There is no guarante or warranty on this Beast! Come out and drive it for your self! Rich at The Mustang Ranch 303-931-5412

Youtube clip, check it out!
1972 De Tomaso Pantera
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You can see 24 pictures on eBay. And if u r serious about the car call me talking is allways' free. I do have more pictures apon request. Best Regards, Rich 303-931-5412
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Hey Rockstar, can you post some pics or PM me with a link? Thanks.
. Thanks for ur interest. There r 24 picks on eBay. Call me if u like. Best Regards, Rich.
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