Hello! I would like to buy GT 4 steel fender flares, new or used repros ...

-also, please note me if anyone happens to know who actually makes them..-the true source, not dealers...You know...

Thank You very much!
Happy new Pantera Year!!!
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Will you be installing the flares yourself? If so,are you an eperienced bodyman?
There a few current threads with the installation of GR4 flares. The steel flares, regardless of supplier require a large amount of work.
There seems to be two primary fabricators of the steel flares; PPC Reno, PI and Hall all use one supplier and Dennis Quella has his own guy. Dennis' flares are reputed to be the best 'off the shelf' fit, but they were alse double the cost of the other guys.

I've heard the cheaper flares require as much (if not more) work to get right than starting from scratch! If you know anyone that can work metal I'd purchase a set of the $400 fiberglass flares and give them to him for a pattern!

There's a guy called Giuliano Belle in LA that did Pat Holleran's [sp??] blue car and he offered to make some for me for $3200. He has an old Italian guy working for him, very anal but a true craftsman and perfectionist.
Hi! thank You for quick reply, Yes, I restore cars for living and make bodywork as daily basis...-I also planned using the fiberglass flares as a pattern, but first I´m trying to see if anyone would have them for sale.. - I would like to save some time...
Thank You very much for answering, I´ll start with PPC Reno and see what they would have.

Kind regards: Finland
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