I have the box out today to fit a Sachs clutch.

There is a mod to remove the welded handbrake bracket, to a bolted one, so the oil pan (Sump) can be removed in situ.

Is there a procedure for the mod with pics on how this can be done please.

Pete from a very poorly Manchester today.
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The simplest brace goes between the lower rear a-arm forward mounting bolts. I did mine with engine in, just took a Sawzall and cut the cross brace out as well as the handbrake cable mount.

This is on vendor's removable cross member and handbrake bracket;


Hey Peter -

While I agree that the IPSCO e-brake bracket is pretty (very) slick, we were able to make an extension to the stock bracket.

Handbrake Bracket on 5357

We just extended the stock brace with a bit of scrap. We used riv-nuts on both sides of the frame to provide solid attachment points.

Not as super as the IPSCO option, but certainly something your metal guy (or yourself) can fabricate up.

Good luck.


PS> If you are interested, and monkeying around with the bracket, you might consider this mod as well. Let us know if it works!

Link to Historical Handbrake Article

I assume your bracket should be very rigid to do this.

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