I had my carpets copied from the old ones, but they don't cover the Hole under the fuse box, where I dropped one of the fuse box retaining screws into the void.
A magnet was no use for the screws are brass. I took out the seat belt bracket and tied sticky tape on a rod and managed to get it out.

But what is supposed to cover the hole when it left the factory???

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That hole by the fuse box has been one of my unsolved mysteries, also.

I'm sure it had some function in the manufacturing process but left as it is, it certainly seems to collect items that are damn difficult to retrieve.

Been there, done that, too.

Originally posted by dave cantagallo-canada #4072:
Peter, I just laid my Hall Pantera carpet yesterday and used a acetylene torch to heat up a piece of pipe to burn a clean hole for the seat bolts into the carpet. Hall Pantera fit perfectly just no holes in it. Not sure where you picked your carpet

Larry its nice to know that I am not alone.

Hello Dave, I used a local company here in Manchester, they do carpets for lots of older Classic cars but had no info on a DT Pantera (whats that) but they copied my carpets with quality material.

I note in the parts boot the sill carpet seems to avoid the hole!!!

But apart from that the carpets are very good.
Be careful in mounting seats on new carpeting. Originally, the seat rails sat on small variable-height aluminum blocks to -A- provide a small amount of tilt for the seats and -B- to provide a solid base for the rails to fasten to the chassis. As you will find if bolting the rails directly onto carpeting, the carpet will compress under the bolts when they're tightened, bending the rails at each end and making it difficult or impossible to slide the seats back & forth. Tom Tjaarda designed our interiors, too....

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