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Hope you're all getting into your 2016 well so far!

I've been doing little things on 1424 and as a part of this noted that many of the "bits" are body numbered along the way... Doors, dash bits, the covers on either side of the engine bay over the fuel tank and electrics but have noted that the front hood doesn't seem to match the car in that it hasn't got the paint history in it (bronze, yellow then black layers) like the body has, it's got 156 stamped in the drivers side top end of it and the curve of the hood doesn't match either.

I've read that there are at least a few slightly different iterations of the front hood so I'm thinking this could be a typical thing so I'm wondering if:

1. Does anyone have hood 1424 lying about or know where it could be? Ideally it would be awesome to find it and have it re-acquainted with it's car...

2. Are 1971 shape hoods hard to come by so I'm thinking I might need to source one before they become rarer than they perhaps already are...

3. Would it be ridiculous to fabricate up a carbon hood and can anyone see that being a detrimental things to future car value on the basis that it already is missing it's original one?

Interested in peoples thoughts!

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FWIW, several U.S. suppliers already make real carbon-fiber hoods & decks: Ron Wade in WA State, Larry Stock in N NV and (I think) Kirk Evans in OH. There may be others. Not cheap and one remaining problem is shipping. The parts are not heavy but the bulk means 'special shipping'. A few years ago that meant $150 within the U.S.
Hey Comp - completely forgot about Aluminium as an option... I'll keep that in mind as well. Your's is looking really good!!

And Boss - I'll check those other guys out as well should the time come. Shipping from the US to AU I can get organised easily enough if need be without loosing too many shirts.

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