I'm looking to swap over to a single pod dash. Got something?
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i have 2 dashes available. both are in great shape and out of a 72 pantera.818 984 3123 daily.

You'll likely need a center console too, if I recall correctly the pre-L console doesn't work with the L single pod dash.

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72 Panteras use a dual pod dash, not a single pod.

72 Panteras can have either depending on VIN and build date.
if I recall correctly the pre-L console doesn't work with the L single pod dash.

Yes indeed. I recall Mike Drew's episode with this affair.
First you find the needle. Then you thread it.

Problem is, since there are aftermarket CF single-pods, there is a supply-and-demand unbalance for the needed console unit.

Best start searching for BOTH. Smiler

With a single pod dash swap, you also need the single pod console and gauge mount panel (or some skill in upholstery). What's not so simple is, the single pod dash uses a completely different heater/AC evaporator box under the dash, and its control rig. Some '73 and (I think) all'74 heater/AC boxes have outside ventillation from a single 2" flex hose running behind the glove box. Good luck adapting that into an early car! Some of the resulting wiring doesn't fit either. Whatever someone might have told you, this is NOT a simple bolt-in swap!
Guys. Don't take this the wrong way but you are like a bunch of old ladies at a tea.

Since when does a want ad turn into a discussion? roll on floor

And yes I know about the console and the ducting.
I talked to that guy...what's his name...Steve something...Wilkins, nah that's not it...Wilkinson...that's it.

He says you can use what you have an adapt it. I hope he knows WTF he is talking about? Anyone know him? Do you think he knows what a Pantera is? Big Grin
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