so i have a 1973 Pantera that is being disassembled, cleaned up, and put back together. not a full on restoration but really close. It is a solid car and has had some nice upgrades.
Original engine rebuilt and makes 500+hp
Transmission rebuilt and rated at 850hp
Cooling system upgraded as well

so my dilemma is whether or not to make it into a rally car. id like to put the appropriate fender flares with rivets showing and change from the L to the pre L bumper.

i guess my question is will this decrease the overall value of my car and what is the best way to do this correctly??
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Why put on flares? With the right wheels you can put all the tire you need and keep them inside the stock wheel wells. The correct way to install the pre-L bumpers is to fill the rather large holes left behind when the L bumpers are removed. And find the pre-L bumpers, of course. They're getting a bit rare.

By rally, do you mean like WRC rally? I'm not sure I'd rally a "not a full restoration, but really close" car. But, hey, its your car and your $$$.
...Here's My Opinion. If You are Worried about the 'Value' of your Pantera, to a Collector, or the Next prospective buyer, private or by an Auction, then Do Absolutely Nothing that Deviates from Originality!!! Period!

BUT, if Your intentions are to make the Car 'Your Own', and show the World what you can do with your own skills and imagination.....Then I say, STOP second guessing yourself and GO FOR IT!!

Personally, I don't 'Give a Crap' about the 'Next Owner'! It will be one of My children anyway. And in the event they would plan to sell it, it will be, 'Take it or Leave It!!'
If you're worried about originality and its effect on value, then don't do anything as others have said. However, if you're doing this for your pleasure and enjoyment, then do whatever your heart desires. In the next couple of weeks, I will be getting my '72 back after a couple of years of upgrades that included an engine transplant (500hp), fuel injection, respray, additional cooling fans, etc., and I will be customizing the interior next. I found that I was unwilling to drive the car very much because if I wasn't starting it every week, it became a pain in the ass to get it started, if the temperature was above 80F, and/or there was stop and go traffic, I was always flirting with overheating, the seats were uncomfortable, etc...I wanted to make the car one that I could enjoy more than the few dozen miles I was putting on it per year. I didn't buy it as an investment, I bought it to enjoy, and I wasn't enjoying it. This was especially true because I have a 600hp Jaguar XKR that does all of the things I want with little effort or planning! I customized that car as well making it look the way I wanted it to. When I first bought my Pantera, years ago, I replaced the brakes with larger, better Wilwood ones so that if I had it out on the track, I wouldn't have to worry. With that improvement came bigger wheels, no longer stock but I didn't care. The Fluidyne radiator and all of the other improvements that will have been made by the time I'm through will have been done so that I can enjoy the car not the next owner. If you've bought the car as an investment, you've probably made a mistake anyway, so go ahead and make it YOUR car.


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One last word. These conversations always end up saying to do what makes you happy, as if a pure stock car is not enjoyable, and is only to look at and preserve. This should be debunked! I can think of nothing better than restoring something to it's original condition, and using it too!

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