This place is attempting a "too-good-to-be-true" sale:

of the same car that Specialty Sales has on offer:

A local potential owner asked me about the car and I thought something was odd (mostly the price). Thanks to Julian Kift (and others shortly after), who pointed me to the Specialty Sales site, I checked further and the exceptionally well done scam seems to originate from somewhere in the Czech republic:

contact-hdl: CCOM-1871340
person: Liam Glover
organization: Bee Back Motors
address: 6220 E Pershing Boulevard
city: Cheyenne
postal-code: 82001
country: US
phone: +1.3072224909

contact-hdl: CCOM-20774
person: Petr Horinek
organization: ZONER software a.s.
address: Nove Sady 18
city: Brno
state: Czech Republic
postal-code: 60200
country: CZ
phone: +420.543257244

Even their domain registration almost seems legit as they use a "real" US address (a little vacant looking). Also, note that the e-mail address they provide is for an ACTUAL dealership that has an almost identical domain (adding only an "S")

Look out!



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I think I will contact the scammer and tell them I will buy the car. Since I am only 2.5 hours away I will just drive down and pick the car up in the morning and bring cash. What do you think they will say?

These type of people really irritate me. The problem is that someone will not do their homework and "wire" them a deposit. I guess people should heed the old adage – "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

BTW- If memory serves me correct Perishing BLVD is one of the main drags in Cheyenne that does have a bunch of businesses. However, this address must be at the outskirts.

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After doing a little research I think we may have this company all wrong. Here is a Satellite photo of there location in Cheyenne. After studying it very closely I think I have figured out their operation. What a joke.


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Well, the scum is still there. I tried to contact them a few days ago, and they answered by email inviting me to a test drive! Amazing...
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