I was wondering for what reason I get water condensation on the glass cover inside of the 4 small middle instruments (water temperature, oil pressure,...) when light is switched on. Seems that there is water in those instruments which warms up by the light bulb and is then condensing inside on the glass cover. Since many years my car has not seen any rain. Even in hot and dry summer I see the same effect in the instruments. I would expect that any water, by whatever way it entered, would have been entirely evaporated after a hot summer. The carpets are dry and I have not noticed any leakage of the heating system.

Do you have any clue?



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Condensation occurs when warm air meets the cool glass surface. There doesn't  have to be water in there to begin with. Mine does this too. Very annoying. I think there needs to be an opening in the back of the case to more equalize the temp of ambient air and the glass. 

Both my cars has the same phenomenon! I have searched for water leaks a lot on my first car until i gave up and this summer when i started to drive with the newly finished one it was exactly same thing! So it is a Pantera  peculiarity !?

Condensation occurs when warm air hits a cold surface. My guess is the "colder" guages might not be well sealed and when warm air under dash etc hits them viola condensation!

Hypothesis should be easy to test!


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