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I'm in the process of putting 2647 back together. Today's question, cooling tubes. Like a dumba$$, I did not write down the routing of all the hoses. Here's what I got so far:

Rear Big tubes:
driver's side: to water pump
passenger side: to bottom of pressure tank

Front Big tubes:
driver's side: upper radiator connection ???
passenger side: lower radiator connection ???

T-stat goes to top of pressure tank

I need help with the smaller ones, the ones with the shut-off valves.
rear small tubes:
driver's side: ???
passenger's side: ???

One of them goes to the top of the block by the t-stat, and the other one goes.....?

Oh, I am installing an edelbrock 8844 water pump
thank you for your help.

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No one ever replied to your question, so I will.

Your connections of the large tubes are correct. The small ones in the console connect to the fitting on the block by the thermostat and the water pump. I cant remember which tube is which, but the one connecting to the valve under the dash should go to the one by the thermostat. This puts the valve under pressure when you rev the engine and not the heater core.
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