I am getting ready to mount the seats in my Pushbutton Pantera.  The car has dropped floor pans and does not yet have holes for the seat tracks.  The tracks are original to the car and have been restored.  Early Panteras came with short tracks and they are 14.75" long.  Does anyone know where the holes should be drilled?  Below are pictures of the seat/tracks followed by the dropped floor pan.




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I would expect they should be in the areas where the rigidity indent has a break. The seat will usually but against the firewall I would set it as far back on the rails as it goes and place so just not touching the firewall, unless you are particularly short!

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Thanks Julian.  That's good input.  What about side to side?  Should the seat be centered with the steering wheel, or the the cavity that it sits in?

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My '74 is stripped I can get some measurements the weekend, although I think it comes down to where you feel the most comfortable driving position is. Some folks move the seat sideways to get it more centered and reduce the pedal offset.

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