Wanted two OEM, NOS or original Used window switches, doesn't matter as long as they work. Both of my switches bite the dust at roughly the same time.The windows go up but won't come down. I bought a pair of the Bosch switches and tested one, it worked but i don't want to file the switch panel hole to make it fit. Are these switches rebuiltable? I will keep looking on ebay unless i get lucky here. Thanks Chuck
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Just replaced my switches with the Bosch replacements. It didn't have to file the hole too much to get them to fit, mainly the corners on the top and bottom of each hole. I used a small triangle shaped file and only used a pushing (inward) motion to enlarge the corners. It took all of ten minutes to fit the switches. I read somewhere that the switches can be rebuilt but I tried very carefully to take mine apart but the thirty year old plastic more or less exploded with contacts and springs going everywhere. I'm sure someone will chime in with other options...good luck....... Pappy
I did rebuild my wiper and washer switches, bugger of a job and fiddly.
sometimes if you spray brake cleaner or electrical contact cleaner down in there and trip it many times it may come good. other wise you have to pull it apart and sandthe contacts.
Good luck and take your time.
Pappy- V8 Capri,
Thanks for your response. I struck gold today boys. I actually found the last known pair of NOS window switches in the Ford box in the universe. I contacted all the Pantera vendors including Roland Jaeckel in Germany, but to no avail; no one had them. My last call to Pantera Performance center in Colorado, bingo! Scored! They'll be here Monday. I hope they work. Pappy, I'm saving my old my ones. Maybe a professional can rebuild them. V8-Capri, I tried contact Cleaner, didn't work. We think alike. Doing my best to keep 7260 stock.
The window switches apparently suffer from current overload when we run the windows up or down all the way. There are no limit switches like in the headlight circuit, so what happens is, we routinely run them until the glass bottoms or tops-out and the motor stalls. The switch contacts are the weakest link in the circuit and don't take this abuse too long. If you hold the switch on long enough, the fuse eventually blows but over time, the switch contacts burn up. If this is happening regularly, I'd suggest adding limit switches in the window switch circuit and keeping the car looking-stock rather than identical-to-how-DeTomaso-built-it.
The express down and up functions can be instaled using a '92 Taurus module (part number F2DB-14B118-AB) from a dealer (about $50) or from a junk yard (I paid $10 for the one I pulled from a wrecked '92 Sable). Can be easily done See SHO chat for detailed instructions. http://www.shotimes.com/SHO4expressdown.html
The express down and up functions can be instaled using a '92 Taurus module

Okay, I have tried that on 2511. Did not get it to work.

If you have done this on a Pantera, can you please pass on how you did it?


Larry (4 express modules gathering dust in my garage)
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