You will need new headers to fit the winsor motor. The A/C compressor bracket also needs to be changed (not cheap). The upper water/coolant line is different between cleveland and winsor. Try to purchase a thermostat housing that can be rotated 360 degrees. This will allow you to "clock" the t-stat outlet to exit a more direct way.

I cannot recall anything special about the alt bracket. I think I reused my old cleveland bracket. Might needed some grinding to work. I could have forgotten as it was a few years ago.
I bought a combination AC,Altenator bracket from P.I.M. the sponsor here on the site.
Had to move the coolant tank to the fuel vapor tank position and buy a couple of steel coolant lines.
Needed a small spacer for the crank pulley to line up with water pump, alternator pulley


Correct flywheel balance and teeth wise for the new windsor & ZF.

Starter motor I think was different.

Most of the vendors can help you out with the swap
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