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One area of restoration I have not thought about has been the heating and AC.

I was talking with a Muscle Car Builder and he just throw out that I would like the Vintage Air systems he installs.   My gut knotted up, but I realized I don’t have a definite plan.

Are there modern replacements for the system as built?

What would be the things I need to know?

Does someone make a complete kit?

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I replaced everything accept the under dash evaperator with off the shelf stuff.  I relocated the condesor up front and ran the lines under the console and in the fender well like some other guys have done. The system worked very well with ice cold air for about 15 years of daily, yes daily driving, but then leaked down.  This could be a simple O ring or the evaperator under the dash.  I think the question for us is a nice fitting new evaperator for under the dash.  The rest of the off the shelf stuff works pretty good.

I installed this unit from Restomod Air: Vapir II ... and used this controller, but in black: Reactor - single-knob-a-c-control . 

The unit is smaller than the OEM heater core/evaporator box in every dimension but length, so you have to be careful with its horizontal position. That being said, I mounted it approximately where the OEM unit sits. I even used the OEM mounts with an adapter bracket. Restomod Air now makes an even smaller unit: Bantam II which should be even easier to install. They even have a Bluetooth option that lets you use a smart phone or tablet as the controller (although I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that!). 

OEM vs Vapir II - 2OEM vs Vapir II 


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  • OEM vs Vapir II - 2
  • OEM vs Vapir II

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