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Peter, a 5DS-25/2 ZF weighs 155 lbs without a bellhousing so needs a substantial wooden crate for safe overseas shipment. They are not cheap these days and shipping is high cost due to the weight. There are also quite a few options available in gearing, LSD etc; contact Lloyd Butfoy at <> in California (mornings- he's a busy boy!) for a certified rebuilt assembly with all-ZF parts. His company bought all the rights, tooling and spares from ZF in Germany, back in the '70s. He also offers a 6-speed version.


There is a chap in Maldon, Essex who is one of, if not the UK's best authority on the ZF, he rebuilds and converts (flips) them for historical racing applications and has been at it for 15 yrs or more, the last contact details I have for him are e-mail; mobile: 07710 778672 Tel/Fax: 01621 854950

He would be a good go to in the first instance.


PS Here's a photo of my GT40 for inspiration...Front 3QTR cropped avatar


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