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Saw this and thought it may be of interest but note you can typically pick up original 15" x 10" mag Campys for half or less the asking price. The ad says forged. They appear to be clearly cast. The picture shows DeTomaso cast ID. I dont recall any Campys with the addtional triangular supports around the perimeter. Were later versions like this? It says the auction is for one wheel but seems this may be to establish price as it also says they are available in different back spacing and bolt patterns which could be of interest to some. Says they are aluminum not Mag and 8kg. I'm not a 15" wheel guy but thought it might be of interest to those that are provided it's legit. Anyone know if they are being actively reproduced?

Didn't have time to call the number in the ad.

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Normally, in a couple of days, I will be able to quote prices for new DT wheels made from the original Campagnolo molds in Italy.
We shall start with GR4 wheels ( 10 and 14x15 in aluminium or magnesium )
Considering the USD vs. euro conversion, it will NOT be cheap, but it will new, and top quality.
The first tests have been performed last week, and I am waiting for the results in a week or so.
I intend to order 15 sets to start with.
Those who might be interested may contact me at their earliest convenience.
Candy2862, ADA 9628
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