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I'm not the brightest shilling in the purse, but I would like to buy some 10X15 rear wheels for my car 3840.

I can buy them from Marvic in Italy and they are expensive, but I prefer the original look of the car.

The problem as we all know is that the tyre size is not available.

Surely the amount of DeTomaso cars still in existence would carry enough clout to have small runs of tyres made for us.

I heard a rumour that Mr Chip Foose had had some tyres made for his project, so I sent him a message asking for details, but no reply so far.
I must admit that the amount of information available on alternative size of wheels and tyres is ming boggling, and its a very complex subject indeed.

We should have enough influence in the market to get original tyres Made, its not possible to get your voice heard here in the UK, but surely you lads in the USA can tell the tyre companies to get their finger out and start producing what so many of us want.

Apologies if this should be in a sticky somewhere but its a minefield.
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You can buy stock based wheels in 17" powder coat them dull silver and you have the original look.
The magnesium wheels though rare and expensive are not good wheels, sorry for the hurt feelings, over the years they become oxidized brittle and dangerous, If you have a trailer queen their great but if you drive hard or on a tract at speed not so great. Plus their UGLY!

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