I was wondering if anyone has a set laying around the wishes to part with. Condition is not important as they will most likely end up being modified and ceramic coated any way. Please PM me. Thanks in advance.
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I missed your post early Dec.

I have a set of unused Hall 180's, no mufflers. I intended to use these on my '74 rebuild but subsequently purchased a 393 stroker with A3 heads so they would need work to fit the raised port heads. If I can get $675 for them then I'll put that money toward a set for raised port heads.


There are plenty of GT40 guys having 180's made, maybe nose around on www.GT40s.com to get some leads.

You are likely best off getting them made on the car in Australia both from assured fit and $$ perspectives.

FWIW with the heat the ceramic coating is the way to go and stainless gets to look pretty dulled fairly quiickly. My Ultima system is full stainless, the headers are ceramic coated, the mufllers are not and are a dull brown color now.

trying to find more info on the turbo setups, any tips ?

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Contact Dave Doddek in southern Illinois <pantera@pobox.com> Dave built his 1st twin turbo about 15 yrs ago; he's on his 3rd I think- blocks don't seem to last too long. On #2 and #3 he included his own home-built EFI system. The car runs well enough that it made a celebrated tip to Las Vegas and back for the National meeting a while back- 5000 miles round trip w/no problems.
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