A friend of mine has a set of brand new custom 180 deg headers he would like to sell.He bought the car last week from another friend of mine who had the headers custom made at great expense.I had a set of Hall 180's on my car for several years and I can tell you these make the Hall version look silly .It is a complete system with polished stainless Magnaflow mufflers attached with "adel" type clamps.There is also a custom bracket that bolts to the back of the ZF to support the mufflers.The only thing that needs to be done is to have them coated.
Where are you located?

I had Tom Dawson from Dawson Racing Headers custom-make my car's 180-degree headers for a total cost of a little under $3K. Mine were pretty tricky to do since they had to be routed around my racecar's dry sump tank, remote oil filter, axle-mounted alternator and roll cage. Plus, Tom needed to fabricate special flanges to fit my unique 302C heads. I think Tom's total cost for more typical Pantera installations - including construction, coating, brackets, mufflers and installation at his facility in Nuevo, CA - should run well under $2500. I can send digital pictures of my car's headers next week if anyone would like to see them.

Tom's a great guy, works fast (!) and the finished product couldn't have been closer to what I'd envisioned if I'd been standing there next to him the whole time.

Call Tom at (951) 928-0969

Matt Merritt
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