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Hi, I’m new to this forum.  I have a buddy that has a 1971 Pantera that’s been sitting in his garage for at least 25 years.  At this point it’s going to need all systems gone through and engine currently isn’t running( obviously) The body is decent shape.   Just wondering what you think it’s worth?  I don’t want to overpay seeing I’m gonna be spending a lot of money to get it back to its glory.  Thanks in advance 

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It's impossible to provide a value without some photos, inspection etc. what are the last 4 digits of the VIN #? Is it a square door handle or pushbutton?

There really isn't much available below $45K, an assembly required car recently sold on eBay for $38K, another wrecked car is for sale at $43K, look at those and make a comparison to your friend's in level of restoration required.

If they are not a super early push button door handle I am not sure if there is a real difference in price between 71 to 74.  It will depend on a few main preferences and then how well the car is restored either stock or modified to a buyers taste.  Some will only ever look at small bumper Pre L's  others prefer the single pod dash found in 73 and 74's.  If the cars are stock then some may search for a late serial number (usually tagged as 74's) to get all of the factory updates done for Ford.

If the car has sat for a long period and needs to be completely gone through I don't think there is a price difference.  They are all getting older and they will all deteriorate and rust if not taken care of.  

Buy the best possible car you can afford.  A beautiful 72 just sold for $88K on Bringatrailer. "Fixer Uppers" in Pantera's will require more financial means than doing a Mustang or Camaro.

I bought a '71 on eBay last year for ~$45k. (I don't remember the exact price as that was determined by people bidding up under my max bid, but it was right around $45,000)

It had been parked in a garage for 25 years, engine would not turn, almost all original but for common 80's era engine mods - exhaust, carb, intake.  Minor rust in rockers and a spot in the driver side door jamb.  Original wheels, but I can tell they have been repaired.  Paint ok from 20 feet but it needs new paint.. black sprayed over original bronze.  I think the only part missing was the DeTomaso badge on the rear.

(Marvel Mystery Oil and rocking the car in 4th gear got the engine to turn.)

The people I was bidding against were bad at eBay though.  It might have gone higher if they had known how to use it correctly.  The seller told me they were Europeans and wanted to export the car.  He was rooting for me to keep it here.

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