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Hello, I purchased a 1972 Pantera, its has a plate on the door showing the person that imported the car, and also Marti works can not pull anything from the VIN, It is a valid VIN. Is this a EURO GTS Car? Its been modified so not much is original. It has gauges in different language for systems such as fuel level, oil pressure ETC. 

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I bought some paperwork relating to my Euro GTS 3840 there are 16 Euro GTS cars listed, but sadly not yours.

Should anyone have a query about their car here is the Factory list I received.


only a short one but it may help another

12/9/72 03886 Argento-nera GTS Europa

12/9/72 03935 Grigio-Metallizzato GTS Europa

13/9/72 03933 Bianco Nero GTS Europa

19/9/72 03710 Rosso Nero GTS Europa 

25/9/72 03929 Rosso Nera GTS Europa

26/9/7204703 Argento-Nero GTS Europa

27/9/72 03609 Rosso-Nera GTS Europa

29/9/72 03909 Grigio-Argento GTS Europa

30/9/72 03916 Argento- Nero GTS Europa

30/9/72 03967 Blu'Tourbillon=Nero GTS Europa

4/10/72 03970 Rosso-Nero GTS Europa

9/X/72 04031 Bianco-Nera GTS Europa

11/X/72 04089 Grigio-Met-Nero GTS Europa

12/10/72 03840 Grigio-Met.Nero GTS Europa

18/X/972 03851Ross0=Nera GTS Europa.

Odd how the numbers go out of sequence towards the bottom of the list.


If the list is accurate ?? it would suggest 15 Euro GTS cars were  made per month?



That build number sounds a bit high; ALL narrow-body Panteras built and directly sold by DeTomaso in Europe, the Middle East and Far East 1971-1987 were termed 'GTS', and could be optioned all the way up to GR-4 racing specs by private owners, by Euro shops or by the factory. Some or all factory mods could be added at purchase time from the factory or over time by owners or Euro shops. None were available in the U.S. from Ford, but now- 45 years after the fact, lots of U.S-spec Panteras are in Europe and vice-versa. Only factory records will tell you for sure.

The sequence of serial numbers means exactly nothing. Note that my 4366 was originally sold in CA while 4367 was originally sold in The Netherlands....

Not sure- I learn something about Panteras every day but I've never seen a DeTomaso VIN tag like that. Non-Euro tags have rounded corners, not square, 4 rivits not two and has the stampings done from the back so they protrude, not done from the front as indents. And there's no space on them for an importer. How can a car supposedly built in Modena, IT  be 'imported' into Italy? Perhaps that's his version of a VIN tag or maybe the concessionaire's? Dunno....

As Kirk said, it looks similar in some ways to the Amerisport tags for the 37 Cars he imported into Canada, finished & sold in the U.S back in the '80s. Attached for info are an OEM U.S. tag and a  'Panteras by Wilkinson' repro tag.  As I said, factory paperwork (from Marcel Straub) should clear all this up.

OEM & Wilkinson Repro VIN tag


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  • OEM & Wilkinson Repro VIN tag: OEM & Wilkinson Repro VIN tag
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I see several exterior clues that hint at #4422 being a Euro GTS. Most obvious is the front clip. Chassis number 4422 falls within the 1972-1/2 L model VIN range, yet this car is equipped with a pre-L front clip. Chromed grill, no turn signal pods, mini-bumpers with built-in turn signals. It also has a European radio antenna mounted on the roof and non-US side marker lights (visible on the pictures at Provamo).

The Euro gages are a clue as well. Dan, does the dash have a clock in front of the passenger or do the seats have seat back adjusters?

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