As some of you already know I have been halfheartedly trying to sell my Pantera for a while, on the Pantera Internationl cars for sell website. My business has been hit hard for the past year and a half and I need to sell my car to survive the down turn. I spent almost $200,000 (or more) on the car, because I was building a car I planned on keeping. My car is a "Hall Super Pantera" #20. Hall would build these cars and put every part that that sold in them after tearing them down and spending almost a year on body work & Paint (Fat Jacks did the work). The 1985 catalog shows the Super Pantera's selling for $185,000 (that is giving them your pantera and $185,000).
If you are interested in the car you can go to the Pantera International website to see photos and read more about the car, here is that link:

I also put a video on YouTube to show off the car inside and out (the video is from a couple of recent club events. Sorry guys no video of racing or burn outs etc.)Here is that link:

or you can go to YouTube and enter Hall Super Pantera Group4

You can pm me with any questions or call me at 480-694-3552, Thanks, Kevin (RAPID)
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I am so sorry it has come down to this. Yes, the economy has hit a lot of us and the upswing only seems to be happening with the Wall Street guys that caused all the problems to begin with.

For those who not have seen Kevin's car in person, let me assure you it is stunning.

You would be very hard pressed to find a better Group 4 style Pantera than this one.

It is a great car, and Kevin is a great person. If you have any interest, I urge you to contact Kevin.

Someone with money who knows a great car when they see it will be very lucky to obtain this car.

Wow, I'm spent just looking at the pics and video - I can't imagine what would happen to me if I saw it for real! What a beautiful car you have and it's quite sad you have to part with it. I wish I could be the one to take it off your hands! Good luck!

Sorry to hear of what you have to do Kevin. Saddest thing I read today. Someone is going to get a really nice car, as you have done a fantastic job on it.

I wish you all the best for a brighter future.

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Thanks for the nice comments! I love my car and I know that someone will get a great deal, when they buy it. And hopefully later when the economy recovers I can build another.
...absolutely gorgeous automobile.

This is a perfect example of the the right car at the right price but at the wrong time (for me).
I have some ask about if there were any special markings on the car denoting it a Super Pantera. Here are some photos of the plaque that hall put on the Super Pantera's. It shows who the car was built for, in this case was Oliver Ring, also you will note the Markings "SP XX" This is to mean Super Pantera 20


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Sorry when I make the photo small enough to put on the website, it keeps shrinking the photo down.
Kevin, a few months back I started a sort of information exchange for Fontana engine owners, since the build data is not really applicable to 351-C or even 351-W engine owners. So if you're still interested, or if you'd like to pass the info onto whoever buys your car, send me an e-mail at and I'll copy you with what we have to date. There are currently 16 owners in 3 countries. I do not have a valid public e-mail address for you and won't infringe on George's bandwidth for this.
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