I have a 1973 Pantera project for sale.It was a white car,now black.Some rust in the usual places but a solid car.40,000 original miles,all original.Engine out and apart,transaxle has ring gear safety wired and is in good condition.Good tire and wheels plus an extra set of brand new BFG TA's.Hall Pantera full brake kit BNIB,Aldan coil overs BNIB,all manuals.Set of brand new mufflers also included.
Call me if interested at 484-239-0493.This has to move.
Thanks, Guy Wagner
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Hi Guy,
I'm interested in knowing more about your car, pix, price, etc. but I dont want to bother you directly until I know if some specific parameters fit my needs/wants/restrictions. I bet others here feel the same way.

If you post some more info, you might deter too many needless phone-calls, and prompt some of the more-appropriate ones.


If your ever up this way (Oregon city)let me know. I would be more than happy to give you a hands on experience.

My 1973 Pantera is SOLD!
Thanks for all the interest!

So, did someone on this board buy it? Inquiring minds want to know!
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