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Hi guys,
After years of wanting a Pantera I finaly own a 1974 Panther. Its the only one in Lebanon where I have my second home and it stands out. That said though I dont use the car much as our roads are not ideal for her to sprint through corners or long stretches and its tough to take three kids and wife along! I am looking at shipping here to my address in the US in hopes that I will sell her to a good home and probably buy an old Convertable in her sted....
sniff sniff.... My car is not perfect but is in good running order and I would like to get an idea what its worth. I still have the original Pantera wheels for it.


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Originally posted by Husker:
Do you have more pictures? Details on upgrades? What is the VIN?

Hi Husker,
Yes I do I have a lot more detailed pics but I couldnt post them here, drop me an email at and I would be glad to send some to you. All the body including spoilers is steel no plastic etc.. have original bumpers too.(dont like em but still have em :-))
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