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Thanks for the offer of help, ALFA4FUN.

The VIN is the single most important item of information I need. However, any other information about, and photos of, the car would be helpful. My standard questionnaire is as follows:

• Owner contact information
• Location of car (city, state/province)
• Date & location of purchase
• Full DeTomaso chassis (VIN) number (if Amerisport, then this number too)
• Build date (if known)
• Body service number (on plate in front trunk)
• Transaxle service number (stamped on top rear of case)
• Model year (the model year that the car was designated when it was originally sold as a new car -- not the date the car was first registered)
• Model type (GTS, Gr 3, GT5, GT5-S, 90 Si, etc)
• Recent Photos (front side & rear shots of the exterior, VIN plate, any ID tags, interior, exterior, engine, front trunk, etc) in as high a resolution as possible
• Information on, and photos of, any unusual or noteworthy factory features or options (eg factory oil cooler, factory electric remote deck lid release, heim jointed sway bar, Gr 3 package, etc)
• Information on, and photos of, owner modifications
• Previous owners & dates sold (provenance)
• Racing history (if applicable)
• Mileage
• Condition (if not evident from the photos)
• Engine type (351C, 351W, 426 Hemi, Saturn V rocket engine, etc.)
• Engine block number (if original engine) on block above left hand side of bellhousing
• Engine number as shown on VIN plate
• Original colour of interior and exterior
• Owner narrative - the owner's story with respect to your acquisition and ownership of the car - what motivated you to buy it, and whatever you think is interesting

I would start out by asking them for the last four numbers of the VIN before risking scaring them away with a long questionnaire.

Thanks again for the help. It is much appreciated.
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