Hi Guys an Girls, Rich Barnes from The Mustang Ranch in Golden, Colorado. I have this 1985 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S # THPNNDJ09390 with 29565 original miles miles for sale. My Client is the fifth owner and is ready to move on. This is one of only 8 GT5-S's that were produced and is an extremely rare car. The Motor was recently rebuilt by Doug at Dougs Balancing here in Denver, Colorado. Doug is of of a few Ford preformance Ford specialist here in town. No expense was spared in the rebuilding of this motor or maintaining this Fine piece of Italian History! Always kept in a climate controlled garage and adult driven. There is a lot of documentation and original parts that go with the car. My client is looking for a cash sale, no trades please. I would like you to call and ask as many questions as you like. There is no guarantee or warranty on this DeTomaso.

  Best regards, Rich at TMR 303-931-5412        $250 K or best offer.
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Nice to see the old girl again. That was my car number 3.  This one is pre new wing design, side scoops, front impact bumper, so on. The rear bumper has been changed to the euro splits. Lots of memories---looks great, good luck. 


I have the following in my notes on a conversation you and I had about this car some years ago: 

  • #9381, #9385 & #9390 were in the first container you imported.
  • These were not Amerisports, because they came in before that whole process was established or, rather, as the initial steps in creating the Amerisport certification process.

I confess to being a bit confused because on another occasion you advised me that, "all of these cars were assembled in the AmeriSport shop and should be considered AmeriSport cars. They may not carry the 1A9 vin but did not enter the country as complete cars." Obviously my notes are in error and/or I am confused. Can you help clarify? 

Also, Bill van Ess noted that it was brought in as part of your deal with Stauffer Classics, and that the original owner was Greg Denton in California. I also have a couple of sources saying the original colour was blue. Can you confirm?

- Peter


All of the cars I brought in or assembled are considered AmeriSport cars. The difference is some of the very first cars did not carry the 1A9 correct vin. Since this is the second car assembled,  it did not have that vin. Originally it carried a California vin with a KT in it and it is the only car with that designation. If you look at the motor plate, it has an AS1 stamped in which says it was the first stamped plate for AmeriSport. Don't remember why the engine number was so high now---most likely it was pre-stamped for another customer but???

Bill van Ess is incorrect with his information. I never had any deal with George about the cars. We did try in 1987 to find a working solution but it never materialized. 

The first 3 were red, blue and white but I do not remember which 2 vins were blue and white. If you say 90 was blue then that sounds good to me. The red one was 9381 and was the first S body in the country. I believe the first assembled S wide body car stateside was 9379 which came directly into my shop for conversion. 

Regardless, this is a rare car for sure. The fact that is was one of just a hand full assembled in the states with factory support only makes it more rare and unique.  If there are any questions that the factory was not 100% behind the AmeriSport program back then, I still have miles of telex docs that would dispute this.

AmeriSport was supported by Detomaso---all other cars were direct imports purchased through the Detomaso's Europe dealers.. 

There is always another side to every story, scathing or complimentary. I personally worked on this car for Greg jumping through many hoops to make him happy. Unfortunately his expectations were far beyond any hand built car designed in 1970 could provide. On top, the outside propaganda fed to Greg was only upstaged by Joseph Geobbels. Greg was a nice guy but needed a different toy or to be "my neighbor", one or the other. 

He may be wishing the car was still parked in his garage today.

The answer is this is 1 of 8 the first year for the GT5-S. In 1985 Amerisport , Inc in Wauseon ,OH.  Only 8 were built in 1985. Several more GT5-S' were built in 1986 and years later. Records show 187 GT5-S were built from 1984 thru 1990.

Kurt Evans put this car together in Ohio. In 1985

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