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Looks fairly clean and fair amount of originality. Biggest concern would be rust especially considering the dealer location. The undercoating can hide rust issues. Not crazy about the paint on the undercoating  in the engine compartment. Fuel cell filling in for a leaking gas tank? If so, that requires engine/transaxle removal for most gas tank repairs. Push button starter on the e-brake handle is a bit odd. Ad doesn't really say much about the actual car, almost nothing really. Definitely worth a detailed inspection for that price. The registry has pictures from 9/19/21 from the present seller. That's it.

The thing on the driver's door panel is a (broken?) manual mirror remote.

Agreed on the rust concern and wouldn't buy it without a personal inspection and a lot of time looking into frame channels.

Brakes and suspension look pretty rusty, I'd plan on a complete re-do.
Brake caliper shim half-installed indicative of sloppy work.

Some funky wiring and switches.

Shouldn't a '72 have icons on the switches instead of words?

Water temp gauge is the later style.

Headliner is falling down and appears to be non-standard.

Is this rust perforation through the rocker? (top right)

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