I was at a car show this past saturday and somebody asked me if I wanted project. Story goes like this. A guy bought it for 20k and then put another 20k into it. Somebody pulled out in front of him on his first drive with it and he rolled it. No insurance. It has been sitting in this storage unit for 5-7 years. The owner just died and the family is looking to sell the whole car. All the body panels are dented. It has 7 and 8's. The 7's are damaged. The exaust is in decent shape. The rear lenses are good. All of the interior pieces are good, with the exception of the steering wheel. The seats (Scheel maybe) are in decent shape. I'm guessing this will hit e-bay once the family gets a clear title. Any idea on whatthis might be worth? I'm guessing 5-7k. I have other pics too, but can't figure out how to do an album.



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I was thinking $5,000.00 but not sure why? if it was a rollover suspension and axles probably bent. Wow! rest of drivetrain like motor and trans probably good for rebuild core at best in the long run.

At $5,000.00 it would be no deal! If you could buy it for $2,000.00 you might be able to make money parting it out.

Whats up with keeping this car in storage 5 to 7 years? at least probably $100.00 a month they may have spent 6 to 7 thousand just on storage. Wow! again.
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