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I have been playing with the dyno program on the computer. Here is an interesting comparison of the 351C with everything the same to the 400 stroked to 427:

Here is the comparison of peak HP/TQ:
400-Peak TQ 518ftlbs @ 4,000
351-Peak TQ 440ftlbs @ 4,500

400-Peak HP 497 @ 6,000
351-Peak HP 468 @ 7,500

The interesting part is the rpm shift where the HP and TQ peaked. The tq peaked at 500rpm less and the HP peaked at 1500 rpm less. Some of this is due to the stroking and some due to the increase in cubes. I had always heard that Nascar engines are imposible to drive on the streat because of the RPM's required to get them going BUT if you increase the Cubes you can use the power because it drops the power band. (not to mention the aditional power).
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Originally posted by comp2:
Actually, I don't really care about top end, i mean you know, what good is anything over 150 unless your doing the long courses in Nevada (which would be fun). I will probably keep the rev limiter at 5500 or 6000. I took the car to the drag strip and was suprised how fast I hit the rev limiter. They are good things!

Oh yeah. If a Pantera had a shifter that you could speed shift it would be the terror of the dragway. I did notice that those Mustangs that run in the sevens and eights are now using 3.26 rear end ratios. Back in the old days we liked to get 3.90 or so gear ratios, but now with these cars turning almost 200 through the traps, they need the longer legs toward the end.
Let us know how your motor turns out. I always wanted a 427. Been a dream of mine for decades.
Originally posted by comp2:
I dynoed my 351 just under 300 at the rear wheels, 300lbs tq with a good long flat tq curve:

One thing about the pantera being a mid engine car (rear weight) and with the 335's is an excelent launch. I can dump the whole thing shortly after launch and put it all to the tires.

I never got to Dyno mine before I blew it up, but my neighbor who is a profesional mustang race car driver, said it felt like to him that the car was turning out about 400 horses. That was a Cleveland with the 11:00 to one compresion ratio, Edlebrock performer, Hall big bores, mallory SS ignition, holley 750 double pumper (I think it was too much for the car myself) and K&N air filter. All I know is it would plant you firmly in the seat with very little tire spin, and I have those 335x35x17 Dunlops too.
But when I put the new motor in I went with the 8:00 to one comp heads, because I got tired of having to buy that octane boost and lead additive with every tank. I kept the old heads and some day if I get bored with the performance, I may put them back on, or I may just look into turboes as 8Red Faceo to one can take a hell of a lot of boost pressure. But my I was amazed at how much performance I lost when I lost that amount of compresion. On the flip side I do like filling up with regular now. Smiler
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