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Hi,I recently purchased this vehicle from Ron Wade in Portland Oregon. He didn't seem to know or want to share any previous history on the vehicle. It has 20K miles, supposedly original with a very high quality respray in the orginal yellow. Previous owners on the title are Charles and Sandra Rennells of Warren Oregon. I have been trying to contact them but have not been able to locate their phone number. If anybody knows any history on this car please let me know or if you live in the Oregon area and could track down the phone number for the previous owners please send it over my way.

Thanks, Joe


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Contact was made and background history determined. I just spoke to Charles (Sid) Rennells of Warren Oregon. He owned the car up until about 10 months ago.
- Car was purchased new by the Jefferson family of Washington State. It was purchased out of Dick Niles, Lincoln Mercury in Portland Oregon. I still have the original leather key fob.
- About 15 years ago Sid Rennells, a good friend of the Jeffersons bought the car. At the time it had just over 20K miles. The car was as it sits today, in the same original condition except he did change the coolant lines. He drove it very sparingly and it currently sits at about 23K miles
- Sid Rennells sold it to Ron Wade of Vancouver Washington in the Spring of 2014 who I subsequently bought it from recently in December.
Mystery solved.
Looking forward to getting it on the road soon.
Well Joe, I hope that this means you are more at peace with your purchase. I would have been quite happy to take the car off your hands to include it in my garage. I'm looking forward to meeting and seeing her in person — but first you might need to get some safe tires, as I can't imagine those Arrivas are very sticky now.


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