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Hey Wayne tell us a little more.

DArt Block? Sportsman or Iron Eagle, Deck height/ What heads? Was it dynoed?

Here's mine:

427 Clevor

Dart Iron Eagle Block, 4.125 bore
SCAT 4340 Forged Lightwieght Crank, 4.0 stroke
Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods
Forged Aluminum Pistons
CHI 3V 218CC Aluminum Cleveland Heads
Comp Cams Custom Grind Mechanical Roller Cam
Jesel Shaft Rockers

Makes 713HP @ 7000 RPM at the flywheel
Hey Wayne! What's shakin'?

I'd go with EFI and the 180's. If your motor was not built to specifically handle turbos (or boost), you could have problems down the road. Detonation, head gasket retention, blowby are just a few that come to mind. The heat they generate could peel paint and cook your engine oil, and there'd be much more plumbing and expense!

180's just look so sweet in a Pantera. You just can't do that with any car!

Just my opinion. Good luck!

i plan on starting to clean up the enginge bay and remove the 351c starting in nov1 . i have the new motor on the stand at my school to start the headers they will not be 180s but verry close i just dont want 2 pipes going over to the other colector.this motor was built with turbos in mind .its an 8 qt oil pan with 10to1 compresstion.i want to order the valve covers from pim that say for the oil leak on the tranny . i was talking to our pantera brother derrick hes going to help fix and go through my tranny over the winter"thanks derrick"
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