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Ha. If that car was orange, it would look exactly like mine right now, down to the missing body parts having received a fresh paint job, and fresh ford blue engine. Only I hope to keep mine. It will be a completely original restoration. Upgrades 0. Probably will be the only one in existence. What is the story on this car?
Thanks George, I am getting used to pantera engine swaps by now. Not sure if I'm going to remember how to work on a normal car.

I am kind of fond of Orange myself. How about a picture.
I bought this car a while back, the block was cracked and needed a few minor patches of metal in the body. I bought another engine but instead of just dropping it in, I took it to my engine builder and had him go through everything. When I bought the car I did not really know what I was going to do with it, do it and keep it, do it and sell it, or just stuff it away and play with it at a later date. As it turns out, I am working on a special Pantera for myself and can use the $$ from this one to help fund the one I am keeping. This one is turning out pretty nice, should be nice driver/local show worthy car.
Originally posted by Quickitty:
... Must admit, bought new starter and starter silinoid before seeing that I forgot to connect the ground strap.... Frowner

Yikes! Eeker Check all your other systems and wires carefully. Trying to pull starter current through the ancillary grounds that are attached to the block might have fried something Frowner

(Like the yellow and black!)
Looks GREAT!!! Nice work and yea, I would say we are about in the same spot as far as progress goes. I do like the Orange, it stands out.
I have a pantera that I am building for myself, not sure if I will use Lambo Pearl yellow or the Lambo pearl Orange again as I did with my last wide body. Both are awesome colors.
Good point, I am going through everything and double checking for damage. So far its coming up clean.
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