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I purchased 5845 in April of this year. Good shape with no major rust only some minor bubbling rust around the front windshield. The car has 23,000 miles. New steering rack, clutch master and slave, tie rod ends, cooling system hosesUpgrades: Phoenix radiator, blue thunder intake, holley 600, aftermarket detomaso valve covers and aircleaner, Big bore headers and mufflers, pantera east 17"/16" rims w/Michelin pilots, mindtrain rear window louvres. $31,000
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You're probably familiar with my car. It was at at least one of your tech sessions. Its the 1973 L yellow cat with the mind train louvers previously owned by John Hutnick. No emission control restrictions here, just a normal safety inspection to ensure all the brakes, lights etc. are in proper working order.
Yes, I thought it was you !

I STILL need to go back an correct the article.
I kept your e-mail to remind if I can find it.

Too bad we could not hook up this past month while I was visiting the Sandwitch Islands.

On the trip in my lay over was going to be several hours, and I considered calling you, but I walked up to the gate of an earlier flight, before boarding started, and asked the guy if we could get aboard. No Problem. Didn't even ask to see my ticket ! Wow !
Upon arrival I suspected my baggage
(including my dive bag) would be hours behind, as I walked thru baggage claim, my wife says, look someone has crappy luggage like you !
It WAS our baggage.
Gave my 6-year-old son some surfing lessons. time !

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