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So when I bought my car, the interior was in good condition except for a large crack on the dash. IMG_1948IMG_1952

The seller had a Hall Pantera dash cap/cover brand new in the box, so I put that on for a bit... and it was alright, but ultimately knew I wanted a more permanent solution, which included redoing the console etc. I wanted to match the vinyl grain pattern that's on the doors, gauge cluster, and bulkhead cover, so was fortunate through fellow owner and neighbor (and upholstery expert) Ted aka "tberg" to find a upholstery wholesaler which had the matching vinyl. We thought initially it was Madrid vinyl but discovered the larger creases in the grain of the original material was in fact called Rawhide. Picked up 4 yards of it, and sent the dash, console, gauge panel, and kick panels off to his upholsterer. He had also put new foam and repaired some torn stitching in my seats and did quality work. This is how my car sat for a month, begging me to drive it.62093183818__10E35D9B-4063-4393-B0E9-D0D511A16041[1)

After using the time to do things like fix the heater control valve, find a steering hub adapter for Lecarra wheel, and put in a stereo (that's for another post), I finally got all the pieces back and spent the last week putting it all back in. The big challenge was putting some of the gauges etc back in now with the fresh new thicker vinyl... but after some trimming and a lot of swearing, got it all back together. Even did the glovebox which looks fantastic, although it's definitely a tight squeeze when you want to open it. Really happy with the interior now, and it feels like this is how it should be... kind of of how it is in the later GT5s but without the wood panels and puffy seats. I had initially heard/read that the vinyl grain wasn't available anymore, so good to know if I ever want to recover the doors etc, I know I can and keep the stock look. And to boot, doing all of this was less than a grand compared to well over a grand just for a new OEM molded dash only.



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Hey Riley,

After seeing the dash and all of the other pieces in the car, yesterday, I can only say that it looks spectacular like the rest of the car, and better than it looked when it was new, especially around the gauge cluster on the upper console.  And the dash stitching shows its custom work.  Great job! 

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