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on rust yes, when was it imported to the USA ? in mid 80ties? They def changed the speedo then .. so expect different total miles ..

- the European GTS had an underbody coating. So take a look. Mine was still in decently good shape.
- other "original" features?: Flares (well I left them off still acc. 305/225),
- Leather Seats and Dash? (not the middle console),
- should have vented disks? (mine did not I had to replaced them),
- Antenna on the roof?
- De tomaso Embele on front grill is an Alu big T
- Q code engine Cobra jet? what heads? look for a 4* in one corner of the head, means with high prob. open chamber 74.x ccm,
- modifiations on engine bay, think CA requested those days the "sucking device linked to the gas tank to neutralize the gas smell (blue container in the rear right hand engine bay)
- Instrument should be in Celsius (vs F, 70 in center) and Bar (vs psi, 25 in center v 35)
- speedo ok km vs miles (watch out just conversion not necessarily working, as different pick up on gear box
Ahh: on rims you can debate, "should" 10" and 8"... Big Grin

Matthias..mine is 4907
My father's was a '73 GTS. There were no vents until he had them installed by the factory in 1982, I don't think they do much, my PB remains without vents and looks great!! As for value, several 72' and 73' are for sale in Europe for twice what they're worth here in the US. No idea what they should go for tough, I agree more specific information is needed.
- mouse hair No..Leather YES..(mouse only on Mangusta to my knowledge, well as with Pantera everything is possible Smiler )
- No hood vents as Chuck noted..
- different suspenion (I cannot judge this as too hard to identify the difference)
- pod..see picture (not my car but similar)
* big instrument set up as Euro GTS
* Switches with chrome brez.
* in my car Hazard button switch is all left vs
as here in middle
* I have only one extra warning light (red),
out of synch of Brake sytems and Park brake.
My light is between the big instruments, so not
as here..
* extra red light in the middle of dash between
vents for seat belt (I did close this when
rebuilded my car as no need CA rep. of the years)

get us some pictures

Matthias ...4907 per Vin built in Nov 1972



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The challenge with a Euro GTS is that everyone likes to think they have one, because there is no identifier in the VIN (unlike US GTS cars).

So it's just some subtle differences, the mouse hair dash, clock mounted in the passenger side dash etc. all of which can be easily copied.
After I had the car painted all solid red, I didn't like it, so decided to get it as far as I knew similar to factory colour choices.

I had the bonnet and boot painted black, which looked a lot better, I then had the Pantera "Decals" fitted, I didn't want to, I thought it might be too "Bling?" but they do now look quite good, as for the wheels, I always liked the Lamborgini Miura's Gold wheels so thats the reason for the paint.

I also treated myself by buying a pair of 10" Campagnolo clones from Roin industries in Italy.

and finally fitted Scott Bells electric power steer kit, which I do like very much.

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