Still sorting out electrical system after alarm removal.

Does anyone have a diagram of a 16 fuse panel that they can share ? I would like to make sure that the correct fuses are installed.

My rear window heat is not working and I can not locate a schematic for that system. The switch has four wires: red, white-black dots,blue- black dots and gray. Red feeds from the fan switch. I think it was disabled to protect the tinting on the widow.

I have looked all over for the starter over ride with no successs. The only thing I found was a bundle of wires with spade connectors stuffed under the panel. I can't even locate where it may have once been if it was installed. Any ideas ?  Seatbelt warning buzzer and light are inop. 

What I did find stuffed under the panel was a backup front hood release that appears to be a factory item. No mention of this in the owner's manual but I can't locate the correct manual for a 9000 series . Any ideas ?

Last, I now think that the alarm and electric door locks were factory. The electrical tape on the wiring had red over spray on them. At first I thought they were after market due to the poor install. Make any sense ? I wasn't about to leave a forty year old alarm / auto door lock installed. I tried to make it work but failed. No factory support on the system so I trashed it.

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I want to say fuse rating is on the panel cover on my GT5, but not close to verify. The rear window defogger is a useless addition for a window in the engine bay, I think most owners have disabled it.

Yes later cars had electronic door locks, I believe the 'later' manual is an early edition with an added leaf insert for an additional electrical schematic

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