So far I've counted three Panteras going to Sweden with "Honken" Henrik, the bloodthirsty kitty: a black '71 from Hollister, CA; Jim Cain's disassembled '73 from Atascadero and another car from the East coast that Henrik said he bought (I think that's correct). Are we the 'bargain basement' for Panteras?
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Hmmm. The one on the east coast was the one in Hollister. I obviously can't tell east from west, sorry.

The '73 went to Finland if I'm not misinformed. Close to Sweden but anyway...

The Euro is extremely strong against the US Dollar and there are a lot of Panteras for sale in US. I have been looking some time now both in US and in Europe. The total price difference between an American and a European car in the same “class” (~40k) is somewhere around 12-14k USD. And that includes transport and tax for the car in Sweden.

The Orange UFO (orange ’73) that was for sale in US this summer is now for sale in Europe. I don’t know what he got for the car but it was for sale for some time for 46k USD (I think he got like 40k for it). The price now is 48k Euro (today’s rate is 1 Euro = 1.46 USD)

It's sad for you guys in the US but we just can't turn down an opportunity like this.

/The greedy Pantera loving guy from Sweden
This is nothing new. Many of the Panteras sold by PI Mtorsports go to Europe, it has been this way for some time.

As long as the cars wind up in the hands of DeTomaso enthusiasts, it makes no difference which continent they live on, we are all one family.

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Europeons have always been Pantera deprived because back when they were new, they were nore expensive to buy in Europe. After Ford bailed out on DeTomaso the price shot up. Those GT5-S sold new for almost as much as what they are selling for right now. :O
I think in the interest of fairness and car appreciation, we should let our brothers in Europe, Asia and the southern hemisphere buy all the Panteras they want. We can still find Panteras here in thestates cause there are thousands of them stashed away in barns and in trailer parks. We just gotta fix em up is all. The result will be more Panteras up and running world wide and a resurgence in popularity for the car.
Originally posted by Odin:
And we Norwegians has also bought a bunch of Panteras from the USA this year..

A weak USD aganist a strong EURO explains it all.. But the Panteras will get a good home in Scandinavia Smiler

I agree its the Euro! It used to be the Yen...
Originally posted by Honken:
Hmmm. The one on the east coast was the one in Hollister. I obviously can't tell east from west, sorry.

No problem - that '71 is a beauty!

The Euro is extremely strong against the US Dollar

I heard that, when I was in the UK in Sept. the exch. rate was around 1.00lb. = ~$2.39 Yeow!

I think that it is a similar situation to what drove up the prices on the muscle cars in the '80s.

Many went to Japan because of the stong yen, weak dollar.

The problem in the US is that there are still too many cars available at under $20,000. That makes prices unrealistically low in the US and makes the US prime for picking to Europe and others.

PI has noted a noticable rise in selling prices but still not in the muscle car area.

Unfortunately for those who want a Pantera and don't have one, it is probably crunch time.

We are also I think probably going to see a difference between modified cars and original cars.

All the wannabe's are going to complain but that isn't going to stop the escallation.

The Cobras escallated to a power of 10 in real dollars over the last twenty plus years. Other forces drive other car values.

The Panteras are as unique a situation as ever existed.

It isn't all roses to us owners. Watch the prices of replacement parts follow the values of the cars.

How much is a replacement fender going to cost? $35,000?
This isn't really that new and it isn't limited to Panteras. When I listed my K-Code, I got inquiries from both Europe and Austrailia. I know one of the prospective buyers did in fact purchase a less expensive non-numbers matching car out of Kansas City and had it shipped to Sydney. When I listed my convertible a couple of months back, I got inquiries from Austrailia and the UK as well. This was well before the dollars plunge, so I expect the flow of cars out of the US to continue.

One of the things I learned while talking to the prospective European buyers was that, in Europe, small blocks rule. They didn't seem to share the American passion for big block cars and were more interested in the high performance small blocks. Just something to ponder.
Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
I think that it is a similar situation to what drove up the prices on the muscle cars in the '80s.

Many went to Japan because of the stong yen, weak dollar.

I don't think there were ever enough muscle cars sent to Japan in the 80's to put a dent in anything. Any desired muscle car today is well over $20 today. There are tons of cars with V8 people are now calling muscle cars under $20. There is a grey line between.
It wasn't so much that there were large quantities going East. I agree on that. It is more what the cars sold for. Numbers that were not obtainable in the US.

I would take a guess and bet that the cars being sold to overseas buyers, anywhere overseas, are not the most expensive US cars. I'll bet also that there are cars available there, where ever it may be, that cost more then buying and importing a US car.

I think that this price disparity is in parts also. It is partly why Roland Jackle said goodbuy to the North American market.
I actually bought the 73' project Pantera and I can confirm that it's coming to Finland. Reason I bought this car is that the cars I've seen, no matter of the price, needs to be taken to parts. With this one someone has already done that for me.

I have to admit that cheap dollar has something to do with the purchace, but I have been following Pantera market for couple of years already. For me the driving factor was more of just wanting to have true sport/super car. Although I am expecting to value of Panteras rising in near future. Also it's nicer to have a true tangible investment in your carrage instead of some shares you can look at your account.

I'm actually thinking of getting second Pantera which would be wide body one. So let me know if you have one Wink .........
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