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Hi everybody,

I’m Frederic from France, I used to have a Pantera but not anymore (but she will be in my garage again one day, it’s just a question of time).
This post follow my previous post about key holder where I was looking for vector files.

I have a poor key holder with Detomaso logo but it's just a cheap chinese crap. It's a piece of leather with a piece of steel on it, and on this piece of steel there is a "doming" sticker, not nice and not even the right color.

So I decided to build my own dream key holder, as I'm the owner of a shop who engrave stuff with CNC machine.
Proud to Chuck (thank you chuck) I had vector files, so I was ready to go.

After some work on the file and a small test, here is the result !
In my opinion it’s absolutely beautiful, I’m happy with it (even if it’s just a key holder after all)
The first goal was not to sell it, it was for my personnal use.
But it's so great I would be happy to do others for would be very expensive...

The key holder would be around usd 60.00...(precise price to be confirm).
I'm currently engraving a bigger plate just to hang on a wall. Pictures will come soon.
This one will be as nice as the key holder but it would be so expensive, maybe between usd 210 and 260...for a size of 12x 7 inches approximately (precise price to be confirm).
I understand it's too expensive but it's a long time with CNC machine, and it's a long time labor of my employee.
It's high quality craftsmanship.

Keep in mind this post is more to show what I have done and not to try to enter in a production to sell it. I don't care if I sale no one. I can lower a lot the price for severals

Last point, I absolutely cannot guarantee the longevity of the paint on the keyholder because keys are in pocket, keys can fall, keys can be threw on a table, it can be scratch,...
I just got mine this morning and I don't want to put it on my keys because I don't want to scratch it but definitely I will have to try.
I'm thinking of putting a protective vernish (like a nail vernish) but even's uncertain.

But for the bigger plate, it's would last almost forever as it would be standing on a wall, even outside (in this case it last for years but nor for ever).

Question : Is it the right blue colour ? I think yes because my front emblem on my Pantera was this color.

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That looks very nice Frederic. The blue looks pretty close based on the photos. I have two suggestions for your consideration.

1) I think that you might wish to consider rounding the sharp corners as it will be much easier on your pockets.

2) Rather than paint, you might consider the process of fired enamel. The process is called cloisonné and I expect there would be some craftsperson or jewelry maker local to you who may be able to do it. It is a very durable process which was used on the original front grille emblems.

I have let the corners like that because I like it better but it´s true that it would be more practical with round corners, I'll have to do it.

Thanks for the tip for the paint it´s a very good idea, I'll make some research about that.

I have to find what is the french name for this technique so I can look for a place to do it.
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