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IMHO those look like the ones Marino Perna (Pantera East) formerly sold, made by Boyd Coddington.  The Boyd Coddington site seems to indicate that they can make custom wheels in addition to their usual lines.  Obviously, they should still have the plans and program for those.  Might be worth calling them.  When you say "stock" fenders, that might require rolling the lip a little in the front if they haven't been rolled already, for clearance at full turn (that could be true with any modern 17" wheel in the front).  Also, the set of 17s & 16s I bought years ago were not polished in some of the recessed portions, but as I recall that became an option later if you prefer the entirely polished.  Just make sure you are specific on points like that if they can still make them at a price you're willing to pay.  I have had no dealings with Boyd Coddington, so do some due diligence if you go that route.  Perhaps others can chime in on that.

I purchased my wheels from Boyd Coddington directly in 2007. They had an agreement with Marino at Pantera East that they would only build the wheels in certain sized for Pantera East ONLY. I went to Marino and asked can I get them in 17 x 8 and 18 x 10s (just the sizes I preferred). Marino said he would not build those for me, yet Boyd, who made Marinos wheels, said he could build them in the sizes I wanted. Boyd said I'll make them for you if Marino says OK. Marino said OK.

IMO the centers Marino had made were the best, most realistic reproduction/clone wheel out there with the centers being correct and aligned to the pentagon and the rest of the slots.

Below is what I got:

Below on the left is the Pantera East design. On the right is the design that I believe PI and the Byars Brothers used back then and possibly today?  The Pantera East is the design (left)  that matches the original two slot wheels. On the right wheel the center pentagon is rotated 10% or about 36 degrees to change the design as to not conflict with the Pantera East design rights. An entire set of the wheels on the right were made for me by mistake, so Coddington remade the entire set with the center on the left.

BELOW- Coddington really did a great job on the machine work…the center is machined from billet. Note the two dimensional surface starting at the top of the first slot, It drops down.

Also, the ridge at the bottom of the slot is on our OE wheels, and obviously on the Coddington wheels I got.

After getting my wheels built another Pantera owner wanted the same wheels that I had made, I spoke with Boyd and he said they had a new forging process that allowed him to make any wheel hoop size out of a forged hoop ( 17" 18" 20" and widths 8", 9", 10", 11") etc.

Maybe you can get a set made by I have to believe they still have the ability to make that wheel.  Not sure if his son's took over the company?  I dealt with one of his sons during the manufacturing process for my wheels. They were very familiar with the Pantera East agreements.


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They are a custom wheel that they have on their site. Looks like multiple rim sizes, lug patterns, offsets etc. it takes 8 weeks to get them built. I sent them info as to what I want. The wheels don’t show a line line you pointed out but does look like it drops and isn’t just flat.  I was looking to do 17x8 and 17x11like I have on my car now. They are the old Halls Wheels. I just bought new tires for them. The wheels are fine, just look dated. 
They haven’t got back to me yet. 
I am not sure what I actually need for offset ? They may already know what that needs to be. I’ll post what I come up with. 

That wheel is their new, universal design. If you want a more accurate Campagnolo replica, ask for the old style. It’s available in 16”, 17” and 18” only, has the correct center bore for the Pantera’s hubs and uses the OEM logos. It also uses stepped rim halves rather than plain “hoops”. They told me they would make 19”s in the old style but the first customer would be charged a programming / design fee. 

I have a set of Boyd wheels that I plan on selling with never used but old tires, Both tires and wheels were put on, then used for a few miles before the car was parked since the mid 2000's. Not sure what they are worth, was going to put them on eBay and let the market determine or you are welcome to make an offer. They are in Arizona. Just noticed the fronts are 16 and the rear are 17IMG_7765IMG_7790IMG_7789


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jimmym posted:

Dave Rittenhouse made me a set just like Tom’s.  They are the Campy’s but with the traditional style rim ran than a flat rim barrel.  He is at American Republic Wheels.  His # is 562-446-3504.  He will make them in any size you want.  Mine are 17 x 8 in the front.  18 x 11.5 in

jimmym Nice wheels! That's great that you had so many options on wheel size. My perfect sizes would have been 17 x 9 and 18 x 11, but they weren't available in 2007. I did a bunch a research on tire sizes for mid-engine cars with great handling and that was pretty close to ideal.  But realistically those sizes wouldn't be put to use unless I was on a track.  Oh well. I can live with what I have.

the rear.

I have a set of the Pantera East wheels that were manufactured by Boyd Coddington. pantera East had an exclusive contract for this style of wheel and they were only sold through Pantera East, not available from Coddington.

I have heard that Bobby initially wanted to sell the same wheel but Coddington declined. Somewhere along the line someone came up with the idea of rotating the center pentagram so the pentagram points were aimed at the two slots instead of the large opening, as on the original magnesium wheels. This change in design was enough to work around the exclusive contract Pantera East had, and thus Coddington was able to supply very similar wheels to Bobby. Or so the story goes.

this rotation of the center pentagram is very often not noticed, with many owners not even aware of the design change until pointed out by me at various events.

good luck in your search.


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