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Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are no longer just OEM equipment. There are multiple offerings for aftermarket systems, using valve stem senders or OEM style internal senders. Some, often for recreational vehicles, come with their own display screen and can handle dozens of tires to include even trailers.

I am looking at the internal-sender systems that use Bluetooth connectivity and utilize a receiver and dedicated antenna to then link information to a smart device screen.

The internal systems are more expensive than the valve stem units which can be bought all day long for well under $50.

Tirerack sells a unit branded by Michelin that costs about $500 but uses valve stem senders. Sorting through all the offerings is proving to be time consuming.

Has anyone on the list installed an aftermarket system of any style and can you provide your feedback and learned wisdom?



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I purchased a unit with external valve stem sensors and a display module that mounts in a cigarette lighter socket.  I didn't want the added complication of internal sensors, rebalancing the tires, having to remove a tire to change a battery, etc.  I bought it with the intention of using it on the Pantera, but just to try it out, I put it on my Subaru.  It worked well, so I bought another for the Pantera.  My only minor complaints are no dimming ability for the display at night, and the "manual" is a tiny sheet of paper written in Chinglish.   I am satisfied with the performance; works as advertised.

I had heard the risk of a cap mounted system was that it has to keep the valve stem depressed all the time to monitor the pressure and thus perhaps more prone to leaking or theft. Sensors that integrate with an app that sends an alert would be nice.

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