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...I SOLD the Bridgeport Mill. This is My Last Project Machined on that 2HP Workhorse. Heavy Boring was Finished before the Mill was picked up. I still need to hand blend, round over, de-burr and Polish All Inside. This is the Second Manifold I have Modified. The first prototype was sold to a gentleman in L.A., it was not as finely Machined as this Second One. That Prototype ran nice and smooth on the Cleveland with twin 600's. Cruising south on I-5 in the Cool of the Evening. I was sorry I sold it and Machined this Improved Version.

This Manifold is Machined Specifically for the 351 Cleveland Engine with 4V Iron Heads, mounted in a DeTomaso PANTERA!! This will sit Perfectly Level in a Pantera with 'Healthy' Rubber Pads under the Engine Mounts.

Most any Intake System may be Mounted on these Plates, or a Revised set of Plates may be Machined.

"...A Experimental Manifold on an Experimental Engine, mounted in a Experimental Vehicle....Calls for an Experiment!"




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You posted in the engine section which makes sense.

However, towards the end of your post, you said —

“The New Owner can mount most anything on the plates.”

that leads me to believe you are offering this for sale, in which case it would likely get better exposure if posted in the For Sale section of the forum.

Your modified manifold is a unique piece in search of a unique buyer. The more exposure you can get the better your chances of a sale.

Good luck 👍


...Not for sale right now. I plan to use it. The 'New Owner' would have to be into High Performance-Clevelands, Know how to set it up to use it...and can make me an offer I Can't Refuse.

'Dual Quads' TBFI would ROAR nicely on this piece. I can Machine a New Pair of Plates to Mount Anything 'Down-Draught'. 4-Duces...whatever you have.


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...I believe it would clear the deck lid, using the (F1? FI) Throttle Bodies. Shorter rear End. When I ran Dual Holleys IN-LINE, I had to cut the Deck Lid 2 Inches into it, to clear the rear-most Float Bowl. With holleys (Longer than T. Bodies) Mounted SIDE-WAYS, I think they would clear. I would take the T. Bodies Over the Holleys, (or other carbs) to be more Updated, and produce More Horsepower, but I believe the Carbs will bring you more Torque. No system here will Clear any Engine COVER.

The Experiment, Plate Port Modification here, is My Design, described as 'Individual Runners'-In Pairs with Their Own (Mini) Planum, They each share One Primary and One Secondary, UN-shared with any of the Other Three Pairs of Runners. The Theory is: The Impulses of Each Runner are Shared with Each Other, with-in that Pair, But Never Influenced by any of the other 3 Pairs of I.R.'s. No 'Adding to Flow, No Sacrificing a Flow', other than with-in the Pair. You can see in the Photos, the Pairs are in Quarters, Left and Right. I still have to Finish Opening-Up the Ports, just a Little, And Polishing.

Thanks for Inquiring.


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...Hi George,

Linkage 1:1 Just a single 'Push-Pull' Tube and (2) 1/4" Heim Joints (Simple with the Carbs in a Line). All 8 Bores come on in Synchronicity with (Mec. Secs.) I suppose Vac. Secs. would have the Secondaries come on as 'Progressive'. I machine all linkages myself from Stainless Steel. Gorgeous!

The Distributor-Less Ignition is Triggered by the Sender that replaces the Original Distributor and is driven by the cam.

I would Not mount the carbs sideways, unless it was a Drag-Race Car (Not in a Pantera). In the Pantera, I mounted the twin 600's In-Line. they had vac. secs. and side-pivot bowl Floats (Shorter). There was a mere 1/4" between the float bowls of the 2 carbs, as clearance.

No, I did Not Mould and Cast, the Casting. I start with a Brand-New, Original Weiand Tunnel Ram for 351 Cleveland and dispose of the TOP (Sold it On Ebay), then Bore the Plate and Runners to Match. The system is 2.0 inches Lower than with the Original Top. That positions the 'Butterflies' a full 2 Inches Closer to the 'Intake Valves', which Lowers the Powerband and 'Peps-Up' the Throttle Response. AND this Eliminates the HUGE Single Planum of the Original design. This also aids the Throttle Response.

The Bolt patterns were done to the .002", had to, to keep from breaking through the casting! Happy to report, NO Errors.

The Last Prototype worked 'Surprisingly', Well! A Nice 'Rumble', Plenty of Power! Very Easy to Set the Idle!

I can't seem to find the Photos showing The Manifold and Twin Carbs, Mounted in the Pantera.


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