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Atlanta Italian car day Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2009, 10 AM to 3 PM.
For more information check out the link below at Mike’s “The Pantera Place”


Last year Adams showed up. Not in his Pantera but his wife’s new Toyota Prius. Hey Adams why not drive the Pantera to Atlanta this year? Smiler


THERE IS NO PRIUS IN MY HOUSEHOLD. Those are grounds for justifiable assault. I'm sitting here eating a Spotted Owl right now.

Anyway, I probably should bring the Panteraover but I'd show up 4134 something awful.

Is this the same day as T Rutlands? That killed the crowds last year for BOTH events.

Anyway, I'll be looking at the calendar and let you know.
The turn out was not great. The forecast was iffy and many people did not show. By mid morning a light rain started which also hurt attendance. Contrary to popular belief Italian cars that get wet do not melt away.

Only a few Panteras attended, including #4134. Typically Italian Car Day is a very nice and well attended event. In 2003 Mike Dailey (Pantera Place) coordinated a gathering of SE Panteras. I think 28 Panteras were in attendance. This was by far the largest gathering of Panteras at Italian Car Day.

Sadly, Mike no longer attends Italian Car Day. Annual reasons he “did not get a chance to clean the backside of his wheels” or “the stars are not properly aligned”. Truth be told Mike is afraid his Pantera will self –destruct if it is more than 5 miles from his home. Such a shame as it is a beautiful car and would be enjoyed being seen by many.

This year the event is scheduled for October 9th.

Actually Jeff, I just got burnt-out from the years that I spent organizing the de Tomaso part of the show and it wasn’t fun anymore. We did have some big turnouts though while it lasted. The new venue doesn’t seem to pop like the lake venue did.

I have way more fun just hanging out with the other Pantera owners at Donut Derelicts every Saturday!

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