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I was at the Russo auction in Scottsdale and I saw three of them there. I do not know the lot numbers of the cars, or what they sold for; but I definitely checked all three of them out. There was two of them on the west side of the auction tent and a yellow one to the east.

No Panteras at any of the other Scottsdale auctions, at least that I saw. The only two I did not make where Bonhams and Silver. I heard Silver was really a dog this year and so I didn't worry about heading there -- so I blew it off for that reason. I just ran out of time at the Bonhams sale.

The three cars that I saw at Russo & Steele in Scottsdale in January of 2013 are as follows:

F535 1972 Pantera Red 4120 $40,700
S632 1972 Pantera Red 3445 $37,950
SN842 1972 Pantera Yellow 3443 $33,000

All three of them were more of the original kind of car. No trailer queens here. All three of them looked like nice driving cars and although I didn't look at any one of them on a lift, they did look like nice cars that will make the new owners happy.

Sorry I'm so late to this. I was there and wish I'd known you were! When I was looking at Panteras, kept hoping the owners or other enthusiasts would show up to share.

I thought the 72 Yellow car at Russo was a buy and a half. The description of the car was so boring and filled with non Pantera drivel, seemed to take any enthusiasm out. Reading between the lines, it was a rust free car that had been extensively painted about 5 years prior, looked pretty original and straight everywhere.

Amazed at how inexpensively it went.
The three cars that I saw at Russo did not have smoothed engine compartments, totally stock interiors that had not been touched probably since new -- but the sheet metal looked great on all three. Again, there was not one trailer queen Pantera at Russo, these cars were driven. Nothing wrong with that at all -- again, someone purchased some nice gear.

After saying that, I would not want to sell my car at auction. Just seems like the wrong venue for cars like ours. Neither totally foreign car nor are they seen as American muscle -- which was thoroughly represented at Russo and Barrett for that matter (even though I did not see one Detomaso at Barrett). So to take a Euro hybrid to an American muscle car seems like a mistake? Yup, absolutely; without question. I'm sure most people attending Russo's auction didn't have the foggiest what a DeTomaso even is (the kit car confusion comes to mind). And Adams is correct, the write up on the yellow 72 at Russo was forgettable. Did not talk the car up at all.

So Doug, take a deep breath, and repeat after me -- everything will be fine, I have a nice car that I like, I'm going to enjoy my car in the way that makes me feel good........

It is what it is. I had a discussion at Barrett with a good friend of mine about a 70 Chevelle that just crossed the block and hammered sold at $80,000. My friend thought the guy was making a ton of money -- "....I've got one of those in my shed...." I rolled my eyes and told him, for starters, his Chevelle looked nothing like the nut and bolt take down to the frame rotisserie restoration that just sold for $80 large. The just sold car had new paint, a restored engine compartment, rebuilt motor, trans, and rear end, along with a totally new restored interior, the trunk even was detailed and great looking. My thoughts were the buyer paid for the restoration labor only and got all the parts and the car for free. My friend thought I was from outer space. "How could a car cost that much to restore?" O.K., if you don't have the skills to do the work yourself, which would be me, you have to pay someone to do this work. What is the hourly rate, $50/hr; $75/hr? Taking a car completely apart and putting it back together is not a weekend project. I would estimate that there was at least 1,000 hours in that Chevelle, and probably more -- I tend to side on the no way can you do it for that portion of a restoration. So right there you have $50k to $75k on just the labor. So again, I don't think anyone was getting rich restoring those cars. And if you wanna say that you did the work yourself, great; don't know about you, but I would not want to donate all kinds of time to something where I don't get a return on my time invested -- that seems like a crazy way to have "fun," although I'm sure people do.

Take care,


So Doug, take a deep breath, and repeat after me -- everything will be fine, I have a nice car that I like, I'm going to enjoy my car in the way that makes me feel good........

Hey Mark, I agree 100%

I'm enjoying the pantera more than any other car I've ever owned. I don't care if it becomes worthless. The memories will last a lifetime!

I did a nut and bolt restoration on a 70 camaro (the car I had before the pantera). When I sold it, I got back all my cost for parts and material but I supplied the labor for about $1/hour.
It's definitely a labor of love.

Doug M
I too would like to see the value of our cars rise,
but I am reminded of my good friend with a mean 4x4 with all the grunt and guts to run over trees as he put it.

What a great toy, then after being riduculed by some "friends" he decided to paint it (in the 80s) he dropped 5 grand on the body and paintwork it looked great. He stopped driving it for fear of scratching it up in the woods then he sold it because it was no longer fun and bought a quad...

I think long and hard about that lesson. Yes, I have had 6656 painted and it looks sweet,but I drive it, a car bike or whatever you enjoy is meant to be played with.

So give me a runner that's bulletproof and people with more money than brains can have the trailer queens with no pistons in the engine so it stays looking good.

I bought my car because I have always wanted one I did not buy it to make money that rarely happens (anybody want to give me what I have into my 1999 Mustang $27000 I doubt it.)
On a side note I have been looking for the closest vin number near mine. I found out one of my friends has a shell that he saved 6658. Cal if you read this when are we putting it together?

Auction my car... no I bought 4 plots and it is going with me, who says you can't take it with you when your dead... SMILE!
Everything has its cycle. Our cars are under valued at the moment, which makes me cringe also as I am going to have 2 panteras for sale here shortly.
As for my Pantera that I am building for myself, I agree 100% with Joe, it will not be for sale so what differance does it make. I will be driving, showing and having fun with it. If down the road, I reach that point where it is time to let it go....then it will help pay for my kids college education and that will be totally cool too.
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